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NCBP Organizational Membership

Connect your bar association's officers to a community of knowledgeable bar leaders from around the country by joining the National Conference of Bar Presidents as an Organizational member. NCBP Organizational membership covers the bar association's executive director, president, president-elect, and vice president (or other officer). Whether in attendance at an annual or midyear meeting, searching NCBP's website for bar association programs, or reading membership publications, members will find a welcoming and unique association specifically geared toward their own special needs as bar officers. And collaborative programming with NABE and NCBF at annual and midyear meetings provides opportunities for officers and executive directors to enhance professional relationships through a collective learning experience. NCBP will help bar association officers lead with a clear knowledge of the issues and a better understaning of the collective role of the nation's bars in advancing justice and serving the profession.

Join/Renew Today for the 2014 Year!

Join or renew for the year January 1 - December 31, 2014. All Organizational members joining or renewing on or before January 7, 2014 will be listed in the 2014 Midyear and Annual meeting programs.



Organizational Membership Benefits

Organizational members of the NCBP receive:

  • A member discount for annual and midyear meeting registration (a $100 value!)
  • Opportunities to contribute to the development of future bar leaders through participation on NCBP committees and in other leadership capacities
  • Resources available to bar leaders through the NCBP website and membership pages
  • Notification of events, offers, and resources through NCBP's electronic network

For questions about NCBP Organizational membership, please contact Steve Jones, NCBP Membership Coordinator at

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